CBC documents in the public domain

Forward Plans & Strategies

Vision 2020follows on from the 1999 document setting out the vision for a Cambridge Biomedical Campus on the Addenbrooke’s Hospital site.
Vision 2050
Sets out ambitions for CBC over the next three decades, creating a Life Sciences quarter and a vibrant urban community in its own right.
Funding confirmation for Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital
Government confirms that it will fund the new Cambridge Cancer Research Hospital at Addenbrooke’s; part of a £3.7 billion package.


Progress Reports/Monitoring

Cambridge and Peterborough Independent Economic Review – September 2018 – praises the growth of the Biomedical Campus and the support it has given to the sector and the wider economy in Cambridgeshire. This report suggests that the Biomedical Campus is reaching capacity.

CBC Studies

Transport Strategy and 5-Year Implementation Planrecognizing the growth of CBC, and its role in traffic generation, this report sets out a strategy to reduce congestion on the Campus, in Cambridge and the surrounding area.


Planning Permissions

Cambridge City Council – 23 June 2021 – Planning approval for AstraZeneca South Plot, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, by unanimous resolution.
1000 Discovery Drive – February 2021 – Planning permission granted for a 103,000 sq ft of life science development, designed to accommodate industry start-ups, university spin-outs and healthcare entrepreneurs

CBC public consultation responses

Cambridge South station – public statement tba

Local Authority papers

South Cambridgeshire Council –

Cambridge Biomedical Campus Transport Needs ReviewJanuary 2019. This needs review looks at the future growth of CBC and studies transport demand and supply now and into the future, and the impact of planned measures on this. It contains recommendations on future scheme development and GCP schemes being kept to programme to support the Campus.
South Cambridgeshire Council backs Cambridge South but calls for more environmental protection – 10 January 2022, Councillors agreed the need for Cambridge South railway station, but highlighted the importance of more information on biodiversity impacts.

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority

(29 September 2021) Combined Authority outlines its support for the station, having provided funding to the project.
(21 June 2021) Mayor expressed support for Cambridge South Station, stating that he wanted the Combined Authority to “carry on championing” the project. A number of quotations from key stakeholders are provided in this article in support of Cambridge South and the Biomedical Campus.
Further support for Cambridge South is outlined on the below page, calling the railway station “essential for projected growth”.

Cambridge City Council

(30 November 2020) South Area Committee – Presentation on proposed Cambridge South Station. The minutes of this meeting show questions asked by the Committee and members of the public.
(10 September 2018) South Area Committee – Updates on Cambridge Biomedical Campus Transport Study and Related Projects. In this meeting, a number of questions were asked by elected members and members of the public, and were answered by a representative from CBC.