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Campus organisations can develop unparalleled patient-centred research by working alongside NHS and clinical scientists, and partner with onsite coordinators to effectively plan and manage clinical trials.

Sharing a site with Cambridge University Hospitals presents a singular advantage in translating research. They are committed to trialling new treatments, with an average of 1,000 active studies in progress at once, a stable population of over 5 million (with high participation rates) nearby, and a well-equipped, purpose-built clinical trial facility.

The Addenbrooke’s Centre for Clinical Investigation houses the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility and the Clinical Investigation Ward. A dedicated in-house team means that ethical approvals, costs, contracts and administration are all handled efficiently by the Clinical Trials office.

The Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit is available to assist with the design and implementation of early phase trials and cancer trials are managed by a dedicated Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre.

The Hospital is also home to the GSK Clinical Unit Cambridge where innovative early phase 1 and 2 studies are designed, set up and executed using the principles of experimental medicine. Its position on the campus has enabled GSK to develop a large number of academic links and collaborations to support and conduct experimental and translational studies and to recruit patients by partnering with the local networks as well as in the wider environment.

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