Amazing things happen on the campus every day from lifesaving operations to breakthroughs in research. People here are dedicated to making a difference and in order for them to succeed we need to look after them and the patients they help.

This means making the site a place where people’s well-being is fundamental to their daily lives.

This week, organisations across the campus will be highlighting what they are doing to ensure that everyone has the chance to improve their mental and physical well-being. This can be through activities such as exercise, the arts or simply sitting down surrounded by flowers reading a book.

We will be highlighting the official opening of The Green & The Gardens, tours of the art collection in Addenbrooke’s Hospital and how people are encouraged to travel by foot or bike to reach the campus, among many of the activities and way of life which is beginning to blossom on the campus.

As well-being is important to happiness and peace of mind – both key factor to assisting people in either recovery or in helping them with their work – please look out for the hashtag #cbcwellbeing to see what is being done to help.