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Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) is one of the world’s leading centres of life sciences research, medical innovation, and healthcare provision. But we also want to make sure that it is a great place to work, visit or live near to.

To achieve that, we want to understand the views of our community and those most affected by what happens on the Campus to help shape the events we run, how people find their way around and where and how we develop the site.

That’s where you come in.


What are Local Voices?

nathan anderson GM5Yn5XRVqA unsplash 300x296 - Amplifying local voicesWhether you are staff, a local person or both, we are looking for a diverse group of volunteers to become Local Voices for CBC, helping us make the Campus a better place.

Our Local Voices will be sharing their own views so don’t need to have a role in any community organisations, but everyone is welcome to apply.

We want to engage a broad range of people which reflects the diversity of experiences, backgrounds and views of local people, and have options for both those who want a more regular and formal role in the CBC as well those with have less time to give.

The purpose of our Local Voices is to develop and nurture meaningful engagement, communication and collaboration with people across our local community. It is not, in itself, a decision-making body. However, the work of the group will inform actions and decisions made by CBC Ltd and potentially other bodies invited by the Group to participate in specific discussions.


We would like you to have

  • • The confidence to voice your opinions clearly and participate in group discussions.
  • • The ability to listen, understand and respect differing opinions.
  • • The ability to maintain confidentiality where required.
  • • An interest in steering how CBC is developed and improved.

Will I be paid for my time?

Whilst we cannot reimburse Local Voices for their time, volunteers will be offered training to ensure they are confident in contributing. Whether you want to become a full member who attends our quarterly meetings or only have enough time to contribute on a more ad hoc basis, we are hoping to make room for a wide range of individuals to be heard.


How can I get involved?

All you need to do in fill in our expression of interest form and tell us why you want to become a Local Voice, as well as the things you are passionate about, and we will try to find the best way for you to get involved in our work.

Apply now via our online form, or you can request an electronic word document or hard copy version by emailing You can also get in touch to arrange an informal chat about our Local Voices programme.

Download our Local Voices flyer here


CBC Local Voices is being coordinated by CBC Ltd, which was established in 2021 to represent the current occupants on the Campus. We are a non-profit collaboration formed by many of the larger organisations on the Campus.

Cover photo by Aranxa Esteve on Unsplash, Mother and son photo Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash