A landscape-led approach alongside a programme of artist-in-residence projects in healthcare and science research settings; all to enhance the daily lives of employees, patients and visitors, and support the campus’ collaborative ethos across all its organisations.


Prologis have committed to a £1.65 million package of public art and public realm – making it one of the largest investments of its kind to date, in the Cambridge region.

Steering Group

Members comprise stakeholder representatives to ensure campus users are fully consulted and their feedback included.


Public Art Steering Group members:

Abcam – Charlotte Labalette

AstraZeneca – Lucy Cox

Cambridge City Council – Nadine Black

Human Cell Atlas – Stephanie Reichelt

CUH NHS Foundation Trust – Natalie Ellis

Futurecity – Andy Robinson / Mark Davy

LMB Lab of Molecular Biology – Liz Pryke

Prologis – Andrew Blevins / Caroline Binns

Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – Liz Bush

University of Cambridge – Andrew Nairne



2018 Artist-in-Residence’s at MRC LMB and Royal Papworth

2019 Art & Landscape: ‘The Green & The Gardens’

2020/21 Artist-in-Residence’s across whole campus

2021+ Phase 2 Expansion Land Public Art Strategy



Events and activities will take place both within campus organisations, and at The Green & The Gardens: the new public space for all campus users.


Located at The Green & The Gardens, the main public realm at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, visitors have experienced a number of sculptures and permanent displays.