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Artist In Residence: ‘Home in the Service of Science’ by 30 Bird & public works

Home in the Service of Science, the residency of Cambridge based performance company 30 Bird (led by Mehrdad Seyf) and art and architecture practice public works’ (led by Torange Khonsari) investigated the interaction of scientific research and dialogue with everyday life. It was inspired by a year of conversations with scientists, cleaners, technicians, receptionists, security guards and the catering staff at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB).

The residency centred around a structure made up of a shed of curiosities, the space under the stairs, the parlour, the corridor and study, sitting in the atrium at the MRC LMB building. It revealed the artists’ findings through various visual works, continuously changing the form and reading of the structure.

As a finale, 30 Bird and ‘public works’ collaborated with the MRC LMB staff and students to develop an interdisciplinary performance that opened to the public as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas in October 2016.