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Artist-In-Residence: ‘The Soundbank’ by Andrea Cockerton

FEB 2021 UPDATE: Plans to start this project have been impacted by the pandemic. We hope to schedule it for later in 2021. Please keep an eye out for notices and announcements on this page and through social and news announcements.  Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.


If you want to know more, contact Andrea directly via her website – www.sound-bank.com/hello


Hello music lovers and makers.


If you love music…if it moves you, calms you, energises you, entertains you or simply distracts you then you’re in good company. On this campus will be thousands of other people that feel the same – whether they work, are visiting or being cared for here. Music is a universal language and, right now, we need its positivity more than ever.


So… what would it be like to use that positivity to achieve something…to explain clearly to others what incredible things we are working on…to help us feel better when we’re sick…to reconnect people working from home with those working at CBC…to express what has happened during the pandemic while helping us get stronger for what comes next?


These are the aims of The Soundbank: 3 projects running across the next 10 months at CBC. Composer Andrea Cockerton is looking for people that want to dive in (whether a little or a lot) and make some brilliant music

– both with me, and with others. We’ll capture it all and make it easy to tune in if listening is more your thing.


The Soundbank projects will:

  • Ask participants to contribute to the sound-based projects
  • Reflect the multicultural nature of the campus and the people that benefit from the work done there
  • Employ rigorous and professional production values


Click here to find out more about Andrea’s ‘The Sound Bank’ project at CBC during 2021.


Click here to find out more about Andrea Cockerton, her art practice and experience.