Earlier this month stakeholders were advised about works to improve the Fendon Road/Hills Road roundabout and that the phase two works would start immediately following the completed phase one works, resulting in the shortening of the overall programme to Friday, 6 October, rather than Saturday 25 November.

The phase two works are progressing well with upcoming completion due on programme, if not sooner.

To recap, the improvement works thus far have involved digging and installing ductwork for the new traffic signals, primarily along the County Council-owned verge and footpaths surrounding the roundabout. We have now delivered three of the four footpath areas with new surfacing to deliver a smoother surface and better facilities for pedestrians.

Minimising disruption and noise disturbance
To maintain traffic flow around the junction and minimise disruption to pedestrians and cyclists, specific works were planned to be completed at night-time. These works would take place during the day and night but that any noisy works would cease by 10pm. Whilst all the digging and ductwork noisy works have ceased at 10pm, it has proved necessary to undertake noisy re-surfacing works, to complete footpaths for reopening to the public, throughout the night. Unfortunately, high level floodlights, vehicles and machinery with reversing alarms have been necessary to deliver the works safely, causing noise disturbance, for which the contractors sincerely apologise.

They also apologise for not notifying stakeholders about these specific work activities and hope that the fact they have been able to deliver completed footpaths ahead of the initial programme and end disruption for you sooner, will provide some consolation.

The works have been the subject of public consultation and granted planning approval as part of the overall infrastructure package to support the new Papworth Hospital and AstraZeneca’s Strategic R&D Centre and global Corporate HQ, which are set to open in 2018.

The remaining improvement works programme by activity is:

  • Footpath digging and installing ductwork – ongoing to Friday 8 September. Remaining Phase 2C & 2D. The night works will cease Friday 25 August. Remaining works will be completed during the day.
  • New traffic signal system – Tuesday 29 August to Friday 6 October. The works will involve installation of new traffic signal poles and equipment within the new footpath and verge areas to provide a fully signalised traffic system. All works will be completed during the day.
  • Roundabout carriageway surfacing and road marking – Sunday 3 September to Friday 8 September. The works will involve removal and resurfacing of the carriageway to provide a new and safer surface. All works will be completed throughout the night with high level floodlights, vehicles and machinery with reversing alarms and a road planer used to grind and remove the existing surfacing. The contractors have agreed with the Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to start on Sunday 3 September night from 18:00 hours to complete the section in front of the bus stops to the south of the roundabout. This capitalises on it being one of the quietest night of bus operations only requiring temporary bus stops for one night. The bus operators will also be providing notifications with further details.
  • Roundabout in-road traffic sensor loops – Mon 11 September to Friday 15 September. The works will involve installation of in-road traffic sensor loops in conjunction with the new fully signalised traffic system. All works will be completed throughout the night with high level floodlights and mechanical cutting machines used to cut into the new surfacing.

The contractors are committed to delivering the works to the highest possible standard and with the minimum of disruption.  They would like to apologise again for any inconvenience their works may cause.

If you believe there is an emergency during the works you can contact Ben Mathers, Night Works Manager – 07889 115401 or Terry Howard, Day Works Manager on 07775633516.