We write to notify you that we will be undertaking works in your area to support the expansion of and improve access to the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.

The works have been the subject of public consultation and given planning approval as part of the overall infrastructure package to support new development at the Campus, which includes the Royal Papworth Hospital, AstraZeneca’s strategic R&D Centre and global Corporate HQ and Abcam Plc’s new HQ, which are all set to open in 2018/2019.


The junction improvement works

The works will improve the flow of traffic at the Shelford Road/Addenbrooke’s Road junction, as well as enhancing usability for pedestrians and cyclists. The works will involve:
• Introducing an additional lane on the western arm of the junction (heading towards the M11) by reducing the width of the central reservation and realigning the footpath and cycleway
• Some of the footpaths and islands will be resurfaced
• Upgrading of the traffic signals, signage and markings

To protect the workforce and keep the junction operating as best we can, traffic management measures will be introduced and remain in place throughout the duration of the works. Safe crossing points will be available throughout the duration of the works.


Timing of works

We have been advised that BT will be undertaking statutory service improvements at various points around the junction.  This will start on Monday 4th June and is expected to finish by Monday 25th June.
Once the BT work is complete, we will set up the traffic management measures to be ready for the junction improvement works, which will be undertaken in three main phases as shown on the plans overleaf.

The final stage of the works will involve the introduction of new traffic signals, signage and road markings, and the formal inspection and sign-off of the new junction. The indicative timescales and plans for each stage are shown below but may be subject to change.  The contractors will endeavour to complete the works as efficiently as possible.

• BT statutory service improvements – 4th June to 25th June
• Enabling works including setting up traffic management – 25th June to 10th July
• Phase 1 – 11th July to 10th August
• Phase 2 – 9th August to 29th August
• Phase 3 – 28th August to 10th September
• Final works and sign-off – 11th September to 16th October


Minimising disruption

We are committed to delivering the works to the highest possible standard and with the minimum of disruption for all users. The core working hours for the works will be 7:30am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday. The works have been scheduled to ensure traffic management can be reduced before Royal Papworth Hospital moves to the biomedical campus in September.

Unfortunately, some disruption is inevitable during the works from the 4th June to the 16th October and you may wish to allow additional time for your journeys, especially at peak times.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience our works may cause.  If you believe there is an emergency during the works you can contact Ed Pleasance 078911095581

The developer of the Phase 1 and 2 expansion of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus is a joint venture between Countryside Properties and Liberty Property Trust.

In relation to the junction improvement works you may contact Philip Beato – Project Manager/Liberty Property Trust –; 01732 223403.

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