Innovation and excellence in science and health

Phase 2

The current planning application is for development of up to 75,000 sq m floorspace (excluding plant areas) of Research and Development (B1b) and Clinical (C2 and/or D1), sui generis and higher education uses, including related support activities within use class B1; ancillary uses in addition (A1, A3, A4, A5, D1 and/or D2); up to two multi storey car parks; open space and landscaping and all other associated supporting infrastructure.

The vision is to produce a landscaped-based development which appears as buildings gathered within a countryside setting and with a series of “garden spaces”

Key features of the master plan:

Developer’s vision is one of a landscape led approach

Landscaping will be brought into the development with the building lines being the defensible edge

Multi-storey car parks will ensure land is used efficiently for landscape

Phase 2 will provide for connections to phase 1 to the north

Design development led to the ‘piano key’ solution using courtyards

Linear park running parallel with Dame Mary Archer Way

Northern courtyards provide active meeting places, urban in nature

MSCP locations- variety of options looked at; ‘bookend approach’ considered best

Cycle and pedestrian activity prioritised within the core of the development

Heights are lower than Phase 1, proposals are 31m high stepping down to 27m towards the Green Belt edge.

The Southern courtyards are more rural in nature with planting and sustainable drainage

Southern buffer will also include rain gardens, native shrubs etc.

Sustainable drainage

The outline surface water drainage strategy is consistent with the principles adopted for the wider CBC surface water drainage strategy in terms of discharge rates. There is a commitment to provide a level of treatment to the water prior to it being discharged from the proposed site.