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Fendon Road/Hills Road infrastructure works update

Last month stakeholders were advised about works to improve the Fendon Road/Hills Road roundabout and that those works would be happening in two phases.  The phase one works were successfully completed and reopened to the public on Tuesday, 9 August.  Owing to close ongoing collaboration with Cambridgeshire County Council and other contractors in the area, an opportunity arose to start the phase two works immediately, resulting in the shortening of the overall programme to Friday, 6 October, rather than Saturday, 25 November.

On the 8 August, new temporary traffic signals were installed in order to begin safely removing the existing and replacing with a new improved traffic signal arrangement.  Unfortunately, although the proper Highway Authority process was followed, at the same time a separate traffic management system relating to the County Council’s new cycleway scheme was also modified, causing a perfect storm of unintended disruption, for which we sincerely apologise.

Working with the Council the issues were resolved as quickly as possible and it is not anticipated that this would happen again.

Just to recap, the works, which will see the roundabout fully signalised by the end of 2017, are designed to improve traffic flow around the junction, as well as delivering a smoother surface and better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

The works were the subject of public consultation and granted planning approval as part of the overall infrastructure package to support the new Papworth Hospital and Astra Zeneca’s Strategic R&D Centre and global Corporate HQ, which are set to open in 2018.

Minimising disruption

The developers of the Phase 1 expansion of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus recognise that ongoing roadworks in the area have been an issue of concern for local residents, so we have continued to work working closely with the County Council to agree how we can complete the works in the shortest possible time and with the minimum of disruption.

Importantly, we have agreed with the County Council and its contractor that we can take advantage of the 24-hour lane closures currently in place at the Fendon Road/Hills Road roundabout for the County Council’s new cycleway scheme (  This has helped our contractor to reduce by 7 weeks the overall programme of the improvement works from 19 weeks down to 12 weeks.

The improvement works are split into two phases.

  • Phase one – Monday 17 July to Friday 4 August – COMPLETED

This involved digging and installing ductwork for the new traffic signals, primarily along the County Council-owned verge to the north of the roundabout.

  • Phase two ACCELERATED to Monday, 7 August to Friday, 6 October

The second phase involves similar works to the other three arms of the roundabout (west, south and east).  The works will take place during the day/night and with the same restrictions on noisy works as phase one.  Again, all noisy work will cease at 10pm

The plan overleaf shows the location and general timing of the works in phase two.

We are committed to delivering the works to the highest possible standard and with the minimum of disruption.  We would like to apologise again for any inconvenience our works may cause.  If you believe there is an emergency during the works you can contact Ben Mathers, Night Works Manager – 07889 115401 or Terry Howard, Day Works Manager on 07775633516.