Innovation and excellence in science and health

1) Network with Cambridge academics

1) Network with Cambridge academics

Gain early access to breakthrough discoveries

The academic scientists on the Campus have a long and successful track record of collaborating with industry and are open to exploring new partnership opportunities with companies that are developing innovative biomedical products and services that are synergistic with their research.



Sir Hugh Pelham
Our scientists are willing to work with companies to test innovative new products and technologies for use in laboratory research
Sir Hugh Pelham Director, Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology


A location on the Campus enables you to:

  • Benefit from regular face-to-face contact with world-leading academics renowned for challenging mainstream thinking
  • Network with researchers who have the freedom, intellect and resources to pursue research that could add value to your internal R&D programmes
  • Engage knowledgeable academic scientists to test the technologies and services you are developing for laboratory-based research
  • Connect with scientists who consistently invent solutions to seemingly intractable problems
  • Collaborate with academics who already have a long history of working with industry and spinning out companies.
  • Partner with scientists who want to see their findings translated into positive outcomes for patients.


Dr Robert Winter
The Campus is small in the sense that you will bump into people as you go about your business, yet grand in the sense of the scale and quality of the research. The informal, day-to-day contact between people on site has played a key role in the translation of discoveries into effective treatment of previously untreatable conditions.
Dr Robert Winter Director, Academic Health Science Centre

Long history of academic-industry partnerships

Recent examples include:

Pfizer-Cambridge Centre for Cardiovascular Genomics: In 2012, the Cambridge Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) established this centre which is underpinned by support from Pfizer, BHF, and the MRC, with a contribution from the BRC. The objective of the Centre is to identify and validate potential therapeutic targets for cardiovascular disease through the focussed application of population science approaches.


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