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Next generation imaging

Across the Campus, imaging research extends vertically from preclinical research, novel agents and technology development through to experimental proof of concept studies and clinical impact trials in larger populations.


Equipment5 CT systems (16, 64, 128 slice & dual source dual energy) – Siemens
7 MR systems (4x1.5T & 3x3T with multi-nuclear spectroscopy at 1.5T and 3T) - GE

10xDoppler US, PET-CT, PET, SPECT
PET-MRI to be installed in 2016
2xGamma Cameras as well as DEXA and direct radiography systems
12 ultrasound machines for standard procedures at CUH

BRC-funded upgrading of radiochemistry facilities has expanded the range of GMP radiotracers for PET and PET-CT studies (e.g. [11C]metomidate, [11C]methionine, & [18F]FMISO)

£2 million hyperpolariser facility at Addenbrooke’s Radiology Department opened May 2014. Scientists at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, led by Professor Kevin Brindle, with colleagues from GE Healthcare, developed nuclear spin hyperpolarisation.
Intervention radiology 3 rooms for intervention radiology plus a radiology day unit/ward
SoftwareImaging resources supported by a hospital wide PACS (GE) linked to digital imaging research archives and advanced image processing workstations; in the future, joint system will be procured with Papworth
Agreements with industryComprehensive imaging research agreements in place with GE and Siemens providing access to research capabilities, materials and software particularly in MR and Radiochemistry
Radiopharmaceutical New radiopharmaceutical unit under construction (opening Easter) enabling new nuclear medicine research – innovative techniques, isotope studies including diagnostic isotopes
LocationMain Imaging Facilities on Campus
University Department of Radiology- internationally competitive department undertaking innovative research in medical imaging
- closely integrated with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Radiology Department
- both departments combine a wide range of research and educational activity along with clinical imaging services within the NHS
- staff have access to some of the best imaging equipment available
- facilities include one 3T MRI, four 1.5T MRI machines, PET CT and four CT machines
- large ultrasound department and a nuclear medicine facility
- extensive collaborations with the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
- cyclotron and radiochemistry facility produce a wide range of radiotracers providing opportunities for innovative research in clinical imaging
- links with the pre-clinical facilities in the West Forvie Building and in the Cancer Institute enable the translation of novel techniques into clinical practice
- also benefits from extensive expertise in imaging in the Cavendish Laboratory, Department of Engineering and the Department of Astronomy

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Radiology DepartmentCambridge University Hospitals Radiology Department comprises:

- general radiology (x-rays)
- fluoroscopy
- angiography
- ultrasound
- computed tomography (CT)
- nuclear medicine imaging techniques
- magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

- provides a diagnostic, interventional and therapeutic service for the local population and a tertiary service for the region
- also provides support to some national work such as Gaucher's disease
- images over 200 000 patients each year
Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre- research facility attached to the Addenbrooke's Hospital Neuro Critical Care Unit
- dedicated to imaging function in the injured human brain using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance (MRI)
- facilities include a PACS system, two cyclotrons and a GMP-compliant PET Radiochemistry laboratory with some 15 radioligands currently available
- a state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging Core Facility is based in an extension to the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
- the MRI Core is equipped with a Siemens 3-T MRI scanner - a benchmark in MRI that provides a range of capabilities for head-to-toe imaging of the entire bod
- in October 2014, the MRC announced an award of £25m to the University of Cambridge to enhance the infrastructure for clinical research which includes upgrades to existing 3T MRI, new PET/MR and 7T facilities, which will be amongst the first such scanners in the UK, and radiochemistry and neuroinformatics equipment
Canacer Research UK Cambridge Institute- facilities include state-of-the-art imaging instrumentation and technical advice to Institute staff
- the Light Microscopy Facility provides the CRI with state-of-the-art light microscopy and develops new imaging modes.
- the pre-clinical imaging core facility includes two Varian MRI systems; IVIS 200 and IVIS lumina imaging systems (Caliper Lifesciences) are available for whole-animal in vivo photonic imaging; a NanoPET/SPECT/CT (Mediso/Bioscan/Philips) system for multimodality radionuclide imaging was installed in 2010 and the metabolomics facility is based on a Bruker 600MHz NMR instrument, and in the Equipment Park, four imaging systems are available that produce digital images from a wide range of different samples

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