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Clinical trial facilities

Clinical trial facilities

Dedicated facilities for clinical research

Clinical trials are undertaken in a purpose-built clinical research centre located in Addenbrooke’s Hospital as well as in the main hospital wards. Clinicians undertaking studies at Cambridge University Hospitals have access to a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies, equipment and specialist services and are supported by experienced NHS staff.

Addenbrooke’s Centre for Clinical Investigation (ACCI)

The Addenbrooke’s Centre for Clinical Investigation (ACCI) was opened by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in June 1999. The Centre was constructed following a strategic decision by GlaxoSmithKline to establish a hospital-based clinical research centre. The company wanted to be able to investigate the effects of drug therapies and the underlying causes of disease directly in patients and volunteers. The venture gained the support of Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the University of Cambridge Clinical School. The major financial commitment for the ACCI (£11m) was provided by SmithKline Beecham, with substantial additional funding from the Technology Foresight Challenge Award, which is associated with the Medical Research Council, and the British Heart Foundation.

The Centre is a six-storey building housing the Addenbrooke’s Clinical Research Centre (ACRC) and the GSK Clinical Unit Cambridge.

Addenbrooke’s Clinical Research Centre (ACRC)

The ACRC is a multi-user facility for clinical research involving both patients and healthy volunteers. The Centre currently supports researchers in over 220 studies, with over 60 new projects being approved last year alone. The majority of these studies involve either medium or high-intensity interventions. It comprises 2 units – the Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility located on Level 5 of the ACCI and the Clinical Investigation Ward on Level 3 – and specialises in supporting researchers, especially those with experimental medicine projects, Phase 1 and other clinical trials.

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility (CRF)

The WTCRF is a 24/7 facility fully staffed for continuous operation for projects requiring overnight stays. It comprises a ward with 8 inpatient beds, 3 out-patient rooms, an audiology test room, 3 bed infusion bay, two investigation rooms and laboratory and tissue culture facilities for sample handling and processing.

The facility has been used to support long-term studies in areas such as Metabolic Research and Neuroscience and has developed specific equipment and services relevant to these areas. With a staffed Reception area and IT UoC and Trust facilities, the CRF is suitable for both adult and paediatric research.

Also located within the CRF is the Metabolic Research Area. This is equipped with a range of body composition measurement instruments which includes two chamber calorimeters, a lunar prodigy DEXA scanner, bod pod and GEM (basal metabolic rate measurement). This area is overseen by a Clinical Scientist with international expertise in body composition measurement.

The  Facility is one of five centres across the UK established using the Wellcome Trust Millennial Grant for Clinical Research Facilities. It is a joint venture between  Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge University and the Wellcome Trust.

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Clinical Investigation Ward (CIW)

Open for daytime operation from Monday to Friday 0800-1830, the CIW has one 4-bed ward, one 3-bed ward, 4 outpatient rooms, and a Research Endoscopy Suite. Staff within the CIW have specialist knowledge and skills in the management of oncology trials and research endoscopy. The CIW is suitable for investigator-led or industry-sponsored clinical research projects.

– Specific expertise at the ACCI

– Metabolic Research

The ACRC has built up specific expertise and equipment over several years for conducting research into metabolic states and disorders. The nutrition core of specialist staff offers a metabolic research area with diet kitchen, dietetic service and an appetite lab.  Body composition measurements are performed using a Dexa scanner and chamber calorimeters. The relationship of exercise relative to diabetes and obesity can be explored using a range of equipment to measure human performance.

– Neurosciences

Long-term research projects into neurological conditions including low awareness states have been supported by the Clinical Research Facility. Close co-operation with the University’s Department of Neuroscience and Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre has led to the creative combination of good patient care and high-tech testing which has enabled breakthroughs in the understanding of these states.

– Cancer

Close proximity to the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute has led to a substantial increase in work involving oncology trials. The combination of staffed facilities for experimental medicine and expertise in chemotherapy administration and investigational medicine products makes the CIW an ideal resource for translational research into all aspects of cancer.

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