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Clinical research networks

Clinical research networks

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In 2006, the Department of Health set up the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) with the goal of creating a world-class health system within the NHS. This included the creation of national and regional networks  specifically to improve the UK environment for conducting clinical research.


NIHR Clinical Research Network: EasternHelps to increase the opportunities for patients to take part in clinical research, ensures that studies are carried out efficiently, and supports the Government’s Strategy for UK Life Sciences by improving the environment for commercial contract clinical research in the NHS in the Eastern area; hosted by Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; host is responsible for ensuring the effective delivery of research in the Trusts, primary care organisations and other qualified NHS providers throughout the Eastern area; ensures that clinical research occupies the place it deserves to in the day-to-day work of the NHS across the Eastern area including Trusts, primary care organisations and any other qualified providers of NHS services
Cancer Research Networks were established in 2001 as part of the National Cancer Research Network (NCRN). They were set up with the aim of enhancing patient care by improving the speed, coordination and integration of research. Within the Anglia Cancer Network region, there are two Cancer Research Networks: West Anglia Cancer Research Network (WACRN) and Anglia East Cancer Research Network (AECRN).
West Anglia Cancer Research Network (WACRN)West Anglia Cancer Research Network covers:

Bedford Hospital NHS Trust
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lynn NHS Foundation Trust
Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust

Anglia East Cancer Research Network (AECRN)Anglia East Cancer Research Network was newly formed in October 2010. It replaces the previous Norfolk and Waveney Cancer Research Network and now covers:

The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust
James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Eastern Academic Health Science NetworkOne of the goals of the EAHSN is improving access to research and clinical trials and ensuring equity of access is a key priority, particularly for cancer patients
Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research & Care (CLAHRC) East of EnglandPartnership between the University of Cambridge, University of East Anglia and University of Hertfordshire, as well as a wider collaboration of partners ranging from NHS provider Trusts, local authorities, CCGs, Public Health England (PHE), third sector organisations and SMEs; strategic partner of the Eastern Academic Health Sciences Network. Collaboration platform for academics, clinicians and managers who undertake high quality applied health research focused on the needs of patients and service users, supporting the translation of research evidence into practice in the NHS and social care. Overarching ambition is to undertake world-class applied health research using NIHR funds as a multiplier to develop top quality proposals that can be funded through other sources to answer questions relevant to its partners, thus providing evidence that has regional as well as national and international impact
UK Clinical Research CollaborationThe UK Clinical Research Collaboration (UKCRC) was established in 2004 with the aim of re-engineering the clinical research environment in the UK to benefit the public and patients by improving national health and increasing national wealth. The Partnership brings together the major stakeholders that influence clinical research in the UK. It includes the main UK research funding bodies, academia, the NHS, regulatory bodies, the bioscience, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, and patients.
UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN)Clinical research networks have been established in each of the four UK nations to provide the infrastructure to support high quality clinical research studies. Together these national networks form the UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN), strategic oversight for which is provided by the UKCRC. The NIHR Clinical Research Network Coordinating Centre delivers and manages clinical research networks in England and facilitates a range of activities across the UK.
Comprehensive Clinical Research NetworkThe Comprehensive Clinical Research Network exists to widen participation in research and ensure that patients and healthcare professionals from all parts of the UK are able to participate in, and benefit from, clinical research in all areas of disease and healthcare. The national network comprises 25 regional networks across England. The UKCRN Portfolio is a national data resource which will be used for research management and to support the performance management of the UK clinical research networks.
UK Genetic Testing Network The UK Genetic Testing Network advises the NHS on genetic testing for inherited disorders. It aims to ensure the provision of high quality equitable genetic testing services for all NHS patients across the whole of the UK.


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