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Clinical trial administration

Clinical trial administration


When it comes to the management and administration of clinical trials, Cambridge University Hospitals is committed to delivering studies to time and on target.  Practical advice and support is available to sponsors at every stage of the  clinical trial process.



Clinical Trials Office/R&D Office

The Clinical Trials Office (referred to on the Campus as the R&D Office) is responsible for all clinical trials taking place at Cambridge University Hospitals. It is a dedicated team offering advice on all aspects of studies such as costs, contract negotiation and ethical approvals. Their aim is to provide rapid R&D approval for commercially sponsored research projects.

Stephen Kelleher
Our dedicated team of clinical trial managers provides a one-stop-shop service for companies wishing to undertake studies at Cambridge University Hospitals. This significantly reduces the time and effort required by industry sponsors as we handle everything from one office – costings, contracts, administration and ethical approvals.

Stephen Kelleher Research and Development Manager, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit

The Cambridge Clinical Trials Unit (CCTU) has been established as a partnership between the NIHR Cambridge BRC, the MRC Biostatistics Unit and West Anglia Comprehensive Local Research Network (CLRN) to facilitate and support local principal investigators in the design and implementation of high quality early phase clinical trials in order to enable them to reach the highest standards of clinical trials management.

Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre (CCTC)

Cancer trials are managed by a dedicated Clinical Trials Office and are carried out by the Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre. The goals of the CCTC are to improve the outcome for patients with cancer, or at risk of developing cancer, by designing and conducting excellent clinical trials and studies. These trials involve a wide range of cancers affecting many different tissues including the study of new diagnostic and screening techniques (e.g. molecular imaging), new treatments or new methods of use of existing treatments. The Centre is a collaborative venture between Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Cambridge and Cancer Research UK.

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