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Capella (Kier Construction)

November 2016

Welcome to the Kier Construction Update Issue #13. As we close on the 56th week of construction, this newsletter details the critical developments to the site and our work within the community over the previous month and the forthcoming weeks. During October, the team onsite have continued to construct the precast concrete frame of Capella, with the vertical elements of the fourth level nearing completion, including the installation of the stairs leading to the fifth level.

As the formula of columns, delta beams and hollowcore planks is repeated to form each floor, the frame is now only two levels away from its full size and is competing in height with the surrounding builds. Once the vertical elements to level 4 are in place, the slab forming the fifth floor can be installed, and the sequence will begin again. Alongside the activities of site, the team have been busy continuing in endeavours to be a good neighbour, and after noting an accumulation of litter on the pathway to Long Road the office staff at Kier have rolled up their sleeves and taken the litter pickers out of the stores, adhering to the Kier ‘Don’t Walk By’ policy, leaving the footpath safe and clean. Amongst other targets, one that has been hit by the Corporate Responsibility Committee this month is a great £3,000 being raised for local causes. We would like to say thank you to all involved and to everyone who has attended our events or donated towards such worthwhile causes, including East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices and Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust.

On a final note, we would also like to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe bonfire and fireworks night !

Project programme

October – Concrete installation progresses onto the third floor. Insitu pours to the ground and 1st floor toppings. Keep an eye out for the Kier Pub Quiz @ the Frank Lee Centre

November – The concrete precast frame reaches the fourth level of Capella & block work elements commence on the ground level. Keep an eye out for a Christmas Card Competition

December – The concrete frame reaches full height and the MEP works underway on the lower levels Keep an eye out for the site Christmas decorations !

Keeping in touch

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your understanding and co-operation throughout the construction of this development. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or queries, or if you would like more information about the works, we will be pleased to help.

If you would like to contact the team please use the details below:


Project Capella, Robinson/Puddicombe Way, Cambridge,

E-mail: Visit our website

Papworth Hospital – Skanska

Click here to see the construction site from our live camera


New Papworth Hospital Aug 2916New Papworth Hospital 2 Aug 16New Papworth Hospital Interior Aug 16

The New Year brings achievement of a major milestone for the project following last month’s completion of the frame – the stairs and lift shafts are now finished and the first tower crane has been removed, leaving us with just the one more on site. Internally working is moving on across the hospital. On level five, the highest floor, finishing works have begun on the east side of the building, which means that the finishes are underway in all areas of the building. Fit-out works, to install the heating, lighting and power facilities are now in progress and walls are being closed up following the successful installation of services within them.

Moving to level one, another key installation this month is the major steel frames to support the medical equipment for the cath labs. Meanwhile on level two, in the basement, at roof level and in the energy centre plant installations with electrical switchgear, boilers, transformers and air handling units are being put in place.

Externally, the façade is nearing completion on the west side of the hospital and on the east side is approximately 75 per cent complete. Precast concrete panels are now also being installed at level four in the central section of the structure.

The site continues to be a busy place with additional people from many different trades coming to work on the project.


Project Gemma (sdc)

April 2016

We’ve been making good progress over the last few months. Externally the RC frame is complete and level 7 roof works have commenced, including the permanent handrail installation. The concrete panels on the buildings envelope are nearing completion with window installation following behind.

Internally, plastering operations have now commenced to level 2, with close up’s ongoing to level 3. M&E 1st fix progresses well on level 4 and has recently commenced to level 5. The plant rooms within the basement have been pushed on during the period with the cold water storage tanks being installed and the sprinkler system 1st fixed.

The project remains on target for its completion date in December.